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Schafer Art Studio 

From start to finish, everything we make is handcrafted by us for you. 

What if one word or one expression could gently transform the tone of your living room, your guest bedroom, or even your kitchen?  What images come to mind when you read the words, Enjoy the little things?  Do you go out of your way to create a warm and inviting living space that reflects the essence of you and what you value?  It’s your attention to detail and exceptional quality that inspires us to create custom products for you, your home, or perhaps by choosing just the right gift. 


We’re Tim and Paige Schafer of Schafer Art Studios and we’re passionate about creating and designing.  While many creative mediums provide inspiration, we are drawn to working with our hands and the solidness of wood. It’s that inspiration that helped us debut Schafer Art Studios by launching our personalized wooden signs.  Since we enjoy exploring new creative outlets, we branched off into crafting richly-applied, colorful resin which resulted in beautiful pieces of fully functional art that serve as practical serving trays and cutting boards.


Whether it’s transforming your living space to express the essence of you or selecting a gift to express your thoughtfulness to someone you care about, we are grateful that you chose Schafer Art Studio, a small family business.  Our customized, hand-crafted wooden signs and abstract functional resin pieces are fully designed and crafted in our own art studio.  From start to finish, everything we make is handcrafted by us for you.  For our wooden signs, we locally source our materials to ensure that the custom product you select for your home is what you envision. The true inspiration comes when you personalize the exact wording, the stain color and the sizing. And of course, we only use superb quality materials to ensure a high-end, Made in the USA quality product.  Each wooden sign is constructed to last for years of enjoyment. 

Thank you for visiting Schafer Art Studio where home décor can bring a smile and add a moment of joy to your often hectic day.


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Wood Signs & Resin Cutting Boards made in Oregon

From start to finish, everything we make is handcrafted by us for you.
– Tim & Paige